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Molini Pivetti Pasta Fresca

Molini Pivetti will be present at Tutto Food, the Milan B2B food & beverage event, to promote its new products for large-scale distribution and its sustainability project. With a stand of over a hundred square metres, it will present its line of professional products and new entries for large-scale distribution, alongside the masterly skills of egg pasta maker Rina Poletti, who will produce hand-made egg pasta every day.

Rina Poletti’s fresh pasta workshop at the centre of the stand

At Tutto Food, Molini Pivetti will provide a large show workshop where the “queen” of Emilian egg pasta Rina Poletti will be hand-making fresh egg pasta throughout the event. Rina Poletti, assisted by her students, has been working for years with Molini Pivetti as an expert adviser to test pasta-making flours.

Rina Poletti has been making pasta for more than forty years. She ran a traditional fresh pasta production business near Modena for about thirty years, rejecting all use of machines: she has always mixed her dough with just her hands, and flattened her pasta with her rolling pin. She has been teaching for over ten years and began working with the “Alma” international school of Italian cuisine in 2010. In 2012 she founded the Missione Matterello association to collect funds for charitable projects. In 2018 she opened “the first Egg Pasta Academy” in Milan, a major location for teaching the art of wielding the rolling pin.

Professional products for fresh pasta

Pivetti pasta flours were created specifically with master pasta-makers in mind, through a production process that makes all the difference. Specifically, to make fresh pasta with a lasting bright yellow colour, which does not turn dark over time, the solution is “Rosa”, the Molini Pivetti common wheat flour made through a precision sifting process that extracts only the central, most starch-rich parts of the grain, eliminating the external bran layers which cause the greying. “Dalia” is the Molini Pivetti semolina, a selection made from the best durum wheats, for egg and dried pasta production, rolled by hand or with professional machines. Symbolising ceaseless research, today Pivetti pasta flours are an essential ingredient in every quality kitchen, even overseas.

New retail (large-scale distribution) products

Molini Pivetti is also presenting some new retail products at Tutto Food. Although it has traditionally focused on professional products, last year Molini Pivetti decided to renew and expand its retail range, with the launch of: Every Day Line of 1 kg, flours intended for daily use, Special Day of 500 g, exclusive products with specific nutritional content, Gran Riserva of 750 g, flours made only with 100% Emilian wheat, and the 100% Italian Organic Line (Bio) of 1 kg, especially for nature-lovers.

Two new products for the consumer market will be previewed at Tutto Food. Wholegrain hulled Gran Riserva in 750 g bag is made using the con innovative Molini Pivetti Decortec stone-milling technology, which grinds the grain delicately to conserve its most valuable parts. In a single processing step, it produces a fibre-rich flour with a rustic flavour and golden colour. Focaccia alla pizzaiola mix in 500 g bag is a preparation to which only oil and water have to be added to make tasty pizzas and quality, fragrant flatbreads, even in the home. This expands the Gran Riserva and Special Day consumer ranges.

Campi Protetti Pivetti and Sustainability

Today, the Pivetti sustainable approach sets a benchmark, thanks to a production chain controlled in every phase, involving only farms from the provinces of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara – zones that have always been famous for growing excellent quality common wheat – well away from possible pollution sources.

The Campi Protetti Pivetti is founded on dialogue, listening and close cooperation with local farmers, constantly supported by the Pivetti agronomists, who oversee the entire wheat cycle at close hand and share the methods and values of life on the land. Farmers sign a formal agreement by which they undertake to grow selected varieties only and to minimise their use of chemicals, safeguarding the growing area.

Tradition goes hand-in-hand with the best technologies available: Campi Protetti Pivetti wheat is stored in specific silos with a low environmental impact cold storage system (with no chemical treatments), enabling constant temperature monitoring and maintaining exceptionally high wheat quality standards.

Campi Protetti Pivetti is the first production chain certified by international body CSQA and involving many inspection phases from sowing to harvesting, guaranteeing compliance with the project’s core values.

“The Campi Protetti Pivetti project is an environmental sustainability programme with a large number of social and economic implications,” states Alessandro Zucchi, Pivetti Production Chain manager. “We hope that our efforts will raise the whole community’s awareness of the need to use environmental resources better, and we are also sure that we can promote economic growth over time through new systems which bring more rewards for local farms.”