Excellence born from the valley floor.

We in the Pivetti family believe that the extraordinary comes from the unexpected. So, when we decided to start our wine production, we chose a vineyard that was different from the traditional ones, located in a valley bottom with rather cold temperatures – which, in the absence of the right knowledge and the best production techniques, could have jeopardised the typical Tuscan wine.

In this complex and elegant context, this new production adventure started.


Technology and innovation.

We follow our wine production from moment zero.

The one in which, after choosing the growing area, we formed a team of professionals – our agronomist Alessandro Zucchi, local agronomists sommeliers and expert oenologists – who prepared the start of the vineyard planting.

We studied the particularities of the land, the cultivation and our grapes. Then, we adopted the most advanced production technologies, also availing ourselves of advanced tools such as the xFarm Technologies weather stations.

To create, in the future, a wine with which to enjoy an overwhelming dance of aromas and flavours.


The appeal of an inimitable terroir.

For our wine production, we have decided to focus on the queen of wine-producing lands, Tuscany.

In particular, the renowned Radda in Chianti area.

Here our vineyard – which is constantly growing – merges with over 70 hectares of forest vegetation and Villa Campomaggio, a charming resort nestled in the green hills of Chianti.

What binds us to Radda in Chianti? Our passion for the land, our expertise in producing extra-ordinary wines, and our ambition to maximise the oenological potential of this unique terroir.

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Discover our atmospheric Villa Campomaggio resort and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience.

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