Delicacies of the earth, born on trees.

In addition to the production of wine and cereal crops, we at the farm lovingly cultivate a typical fruit of our land, the pear, linked to the agricultural vocation of a productive area of the Po Valley.

Abate Fetel pear, the queen of pears, is the one we cultivate every day, with its rusty green-yellow colour and unmistakable flavour, destined for the production of juices and purees made by Macè Fruit, the other company of our Holding specialised in fourth range fruit and renowned above all for the quality of its products and the avant-garde technologies adopted in its production processes, such as Pascalisation (Hpp).


Skilled hands to harvest extraordinary fruit.

Growing pears requires experience, attention to detail and an in-depth knowledge of farming techniques, both traditional and cutting-edge.

Characteristics that distinguish our farmers and the agronomists we work with, such as our company agronomist Alessandro Zucchi.

Experienced professionals who follow the birth, growth and production of our fruit trees to ensure good, sustainable products.


Our origins are our land.

We in the Pivetti family are attached to our roots and believe deeply in the organoleptic properties that our land can give to its fruit.

This is why we have decided to develop the fruit-growing soul of our company in Emilian lands. Specifically, in various areas in the provinces of Ferrara and Bologna.

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To learn more about Holding Pivetti’s other company, Macè Fruit, click here.

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