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The Digitalisation of Campi Protetti Pivetti

Molini Pivetti at the forefront of sustainability with the Campi Protetti Pivetti supply chain digitalisation project
The collaboration between the historic Italian company, specialised in the production of high quality flours since 1875, and xFarm Technologies will improve the agri-food supply chain through traceability, sustainability and production efficiency, from field to table.

Renazzo (FE), 21 April 2022 – Safeguarding the Planet through responsible behaviour: April 22 is Earth Day, the largest environmental event in the world, which has been bringing environmental issues to the attention of the public since 1970.
A mission that Molini Pivetti, an Italian company specialised in the production of high quality flours since 1875, puts at the centre of its “Saper far farina”, from agricultural production to milling and the skilful preparation of flours.
Its proximity to the agricultural world has allowed Molini Pivetti to develop over the years a specific and careful sensitivity towards the territory and the people, aware of the importance of establishing a bond with the farmers, of knowing the origin of the grain and of following every transformation step by step.
And it is precisely on the occasion of World Earth Day that the historic Renazzo company is taking a further step towards sustainability by combining tradition and innovation and launching a digitalisation project to improve the agri-food chain through traceability, sustainability and production efficiency, from field to table.
The project is developed in collaboration with xFarm Technologies, which will accompany Molini Pivetti in the digitalisation of the soft wheat supply chain “Campi Protetti Pivetti Sostenibile” for the next 2 years, the 2022 and 2023 growing seasons, through the digitalisation of farms and the automatic calculation of the carbon balance for sustainability purposes. Thanks to tools for calculating sustainability parameters, it will be possible to get a picture of the current situation of the supply chain and thus move towards improving the parameters.

The partner farmers of the Campi Protetti Pivetti Sostenibile supply chain (20 farms involved by Molini Pivetti) will have a new digital tool at their disposal, the xFarm application, which will help them to have an immediate feedback of their impact, to obtain annual reports on the possible improvement of the sustainability parameters and, therefore, to understand where and when to intervene to mitigate their impact.

“As xFarm we have been committed to the digitisation of the agri-food sector for years. Now more than ever, supply chains represent the main channel for the diffusion of technologies and the increase of sustainability – says Matteo Brochetti, Agronomist in charge of supply chain projects at xFarm Technologies -. We are happy to be at the side of a cutting-edge partner like Molini Pivetti in this path.”

Digitising the supply chain will allow them to identify the environmental impact at each stage, assessing the sustainability of their production: at farm level, logistics, responsible for product handling and distribution, and the transformation of raw materials into final products based on CO2 emissions. “The collaboration with xFarm represents the natural evolution of the commitment to responsible and sustainable growth that Molini Pivetti implements through a close relationship with farmers, especially those in the area, in a mutual exchange and involvement”. – underlines Gianluca Pivetti of Molini Pivetti – “Living in a sustainable way with our Earth is the philosophy that accompanies and guides us, not only to be able to offer a good product in the kitchen but also to spread an agri-food knowledge capable of combining tradition and innovation”.