OUR OBJECTIVE > To research and constantly offer new solutions, new products and new processes responding to the needs of a competitive market which never stops.

At our “R&D” centre, we focus wholly on the customer. This assumption is the foundation of our production research, which specialises in supplying only the most exclusive products, tailor-made solutions, customised responses, milled products created specifically and the constant development of practical benefits to suit the widest variety of specific user needs.

Pivetti is the proof of a constant commitment to research, always aiming to INNOVATE AND DIVERSIFY by specialising our ranges:

  • 2 research laboratories with cutting edge equipment;
  • 8 expert technicians who conduct thousands of analyses every year, guaranteeing top standards both on finished products and during all production stages, through countless rheological and chemical analyses and quality and safety microbiological controls;
  • 1 new automated warehouse, the symbol of constant innovation also in the digital field and in our respect for the environment.


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Via Renazzo, 67 - 44045 Renazzo (Fe)

+39 051 900003 - Fax +39 051 909210


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