Our sustainability goals are a constant, priority commitment within our company and in the projects we pursue with our partners, for a positive effect on the world where we live.


Awareness-raising project for future generations

The project aims to inform pupils of the primary and secondary schools near the Molini Pivetti headquarters about the common wheat production cycle and to effectively raise their awareness of environmental sustainability and biodiversity issues.

The project includes field visits to view the wheat life and processing cycle at first hand:

  1. sowing of the wheatfield and germination test
  2. sowing of flower-seed mix in biodiversity area
  3. verification of flowering of the wheat and the “bee meadow” with a bee-keeper with transparent hives to see the bees at work
  4. ripening of the wheat and harvesting (threshing).

The project also aims to raise awareness of the environmental risks involved in wheat production and to put across that a reduction in pesticide use and an increase in biodiversity, with the presence of useful insects (bee meadow), are the most effective ways of safeguarding the environment we live in.


Bioeconomy project to convert food waste

In June 2019 Molini Pivetti, through its Research and Development team with Caterina Gozzoli PhD as Project Manager, joined the INGREEN Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking Horizon 2020 project, with the important role of coordinator of Work Package 2. The project involves four research and innovation partners, four large corporations, eight small and medium enterprises and an association. The General Coordinator of the entire project is INEUVO Ltd and its Scientific Coordinator is Bologna University. The 17 partners come from 10 countries across Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. The aim is to unite the various areas of expertise to develop new bio-based products, by creating innovative connections between different industries, including food, feed, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and packaging.

INGREEN aims to find new ways to use by-products and side-streams from the food and paper industry, transforming them into bio-based ingredients through sustainable, industrially validated biotechnological processes. These ingredients can then be reused in industry for the production of new, high quality food, feed, nutraceutical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or packaging prototypes, which are more sustainable and effective than the products now on the market.
INGREEN will achieve its results from biotechnologies using safe micro-organisms, or with ecofriendly approaches.

INGREEN thus aims to make a major contribution to the scientific, economic and social challenges posed by the circular economy.




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