Sustainability Report 2023


Sustainability is a true dedication: from the field to the milling
mill, grain by grain, our daily goal is to be able to produce sustainably, i.e.
produce in a sustainable way, i.e. respecting our Earth.
Our proximity to the agricultural world has enabled us over the years to develop a specific and
sensitivity towards the field and towards people: we are increasingly aware of the
of the importance of establishing a link with farmers, of knowing the origin of the grain
and to follow its every transformation step by step. In a phrase: we take care of the supply chain.
For all these reasons, with the aim of offering our customers – who have always been sensitive to
sensitive to these issues – a product that guarantees certified origin and quality, traced and controlled at all stages.
controlled at all stages, in 2016 Campi Protetti Pivetti was born, our first
fully monitored and certified supply chain, now also sustainable.
In this sense it makes us happy and honoured to observe how the lines of the future
agricultural policy, which will soon affect all agricultural supply chains, will be increasingly in harmony with
more and more in harmony with this attention to the environment that is the basis of the projects and actions of the mill.
f the importance of looking after our health and the environment in which we live.
For us, sustainability is a prerequisite for every activity and small action, with the
awareness that specific attention to these issues will be necessary,
substantiated by an attitude of active and proactive responsibility in this direction.
this direction. It is precisely from this aspect that the decision to continue
our path of sustainability in the direction of this report, as a
further concrete commitment for our future and that of our Earth.

The Pivetti Family


A document in which we detail our activities in the field of sustainability, not only environmental but also social, the result of a journey that began a few years ago, and which brings together our achievements and future goals.

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A special event to present a document to employees, journalists and stakeholders, sharing our sustainable growth path through a virtuous development towards a circular economy. The report summarises the results and actions taken in recent years with a view to sustainable growth, based on four fundamental pillars: Agriculture, Territory, Responsibility and Team.
Watch the video here to find out more about our sustainable commitment.

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Click on the ear to see the reportage of our event


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