Sorbole, the Italian flour
for the typical Emilian-style


The right 00 flour to make an amazing Emilian pizza

Sorbole, what goodness!

Sorbole is a typical Bolognese exclamation, widespread throughout Emilia-Romagna, used to indicate astonishment and wonder.

The same emotions that are aroused by pizzas made with our exclusive Farina Sorbole!

A typical Emilian pizza flour ideal for simple, low-rising doughs.

Our Farina Sorbole has a strength of 220w and is made from exclusively selected Italian grains.

Perfect for the preparation of typical Emilian pizza, it produces a pulled, thin, crisp and light dough.

Our Emilian Sorbole pizza flour is suitable for 3-24 hour rising times.

What makes our Sorbole flour for Emilian pizza unique?

  • An exclusive recipe, developed in collaboration with a team of professional technicians
  • A formulation with superior organoleptic characteristics and 100% Italian grains
  • A knowledge of the raw material derived from almost 150 years of experience in the field
  • Because it is easy to handle, quick and with the possibility of just a few hours of leavening.
  • Expert consultants and technicians ready to support you at all times

Do you want to know more about our 00 flours for pizza or our exclusive Sorbole flour for typical Emilian pizza? Contact us!


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