The new protein line dedicated to professionals.


Molini Pivetti presents the new protein line with PROTE+: the preparation with high protein content.

A line that allows professionals to expand the offer, meeting the needs of those consumers and customers who lead an active lifestyle, practicing sports or want to increase muscle mass, but in general, since proteins are indispensable for the human body it is essential for everyone a regular intake of protein foods.

PROTE+, the evolution of breadmaking. The latest innovation from Molini Pivetti dedicated to the world of professionals.

An innovative product with a high protein content thanks to the careful choice of unique ingredients with vitamin D, rich in protein, rich in fibre and with wholemeal flour and sprouted legumes. The careful choice of ingredients guarantees an increase in the nutritional and health profile of the finished product, in particular the legumes ensure a high intake of vegetable proteins.

The mix guarantees perfect leavening and a distinctive, healthy and tasty flavour.

Suitable for making bread, pan bauletto, focaccia, breadsticks and crackers and sweet preparations.

PRODUCT PLUS: easy to use, excellent workability and high absorption capacity.
USE: bread, pan bauletto, focaccia, breadsticks, crackers and sweet preparations.
Format available: 5 Kg

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