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Triticum Type 2 flour



Decorticated type 2 soft wheat flour, with ultra-fine bran.

Molini Pivetti’s new DECORTEC stone technology allows the wheat grain to be delicately milled, respecting its precious parts.
In a single processing phase, a full-body milled flour is obtained, rich in the most precious parts of this prized cereal.

The first husking process eliminates the surface layers of the grain, excluding the outer, and therefore less noble, leaves.
The result is an important increase in the healthiness of our flour.
In the second process, husking selects the innermost cruscal layers of the grain, which are the richest in vitamins, proteins, minerals, anti-oxidants and fibre; all elements derived from the aleurone layer.

The result is a fiber-rich flour with a rustic flavor, extremely characterized by its amber color and high absorption.

Ideal for pizza, bread and pastries.

Available sizes: 5 Kg


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