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Mix for Roman-Style Pizza



For high hydration alla pala (pizza peel) or in teglia (rectangular tray) pizza 

From the selection of the best quality ingredients, Pivetti has created the ideal mix for an irresistibly light and crunchy pizza that’s extremely flavourful with every bite.

Another unique feature of this mix is its high level of hydration. The perfectly balanced blend of rice flour and semolina allows for a greater percentage of water to be used, up to 75%.

The mix contains the deactivated natural yeast which ensures the flavour of an authentic Roman-style pizza, and a constant result with every dough: a perfect pizza base for all kinds of toppings, from the simplest to the most complex.

Constant results for 24-hour leavening.

Ideal blend for both direct and indirect doughs, perfect for those who search for constant quality and uniqueness.

Packaging: 10 Kg


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