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Flour from sustainable agriculture stems from the need to promote new models of consumption obtained from food production that limits the environmental impact as much as possible, oriented towards regenerating nature and safeguarding the future of the next generations.

This flour is designed for professionals who have a sustainable vision in everything they do, as it is made using sustainable and traceable production methods in a 100% Italian organised and guaranteed supply chain.

Through complex calculation systems, it was possible to detect the Co2 emission per kg of flour and, by making the appropriate operational changes directly in the fields of harvesting, in 2019 Molini Pivetti obtained sustainability certification from the international body CSQA.

  • Sustainable Italian supply chain certified by the international body CSQA.
  • Adhesion to the sustainability project of several farms directly involved by Molini Pivetti.
  • Specification shared and signed by the farms for a shared commitment.
  • Training on the farm and in the fields carried out by Pivetti agronomists and technicians directly to the farmers.
  • Grain selected and stored in refrigerated silos with low environmental impact system.
  • Co2 monitoring in the various stages of the production process with the commitment to reduce emissions in the coming years.


  • USE: Direct and indirect dought depending on characteristics.
  • Versions: type 0, 1, 2 and wholemeal.
  • Packaging: 10 Kg


If you are a professional and would like more information, write to us at customerservice@pivetti.it.

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