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Molino San Giovanni

The history of Molino San Giovanni has always been closely intertwined with the wealth of cereal farming in the Emilia Romagna region.

Located in the heart of “Italy’s granary”, in the fertile plains of Bologna, it thrives on the abundance of wheat.

It has always been a key reference and source of inspiration for many skilled and generous farmers, helping them to research, select and grow the best soft wheat.

The mill has a milling plant that bears witness to the “kind and delicate” way of milling wheat that was used in the past.

Equipped with a milling diagram, rich in an unusually high number of milling cylinders, it crushes the wheat slowly and softly to obtain flours with balanced strength and bread-making quality.

The preference we enjoy every day from craft bakers and industrial bread makers bears witness to the solid reputation, value and reliability of the flours sold under the Corticella and San Giovanni brands.


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