Nafavola 320,
the flour for real
Neapolitan-style pizza.


Nafavola 320 flour is ideal for making a long-rising Neapolitan pizza… as Naples commands!

When the Neapolitan pizza dough is left to rise for many hours, the right flour makes all the difference.

Because to obtain a good leavening, not just any flour will do. You need a special flour with a high strength… like our Farina Nafavola type 0 flour with strength 320w!

A flour for Neapolitan pizza that goes beyond classic flours.

In addition to ensuring a strength of 320w, it is composed of the best grains… capable of creating a Neapolitan pizza with a developed alveolation, which guarantees an extraordinary explosion of the crust.

Ideal for the preparation of traditional Neapolitan pizza – as well as innovative Neapolitan pizza – our Nafavola 320 flour allows you to create a light and melt-in-your-mouth dough.

Our Flour for Neapolitan pizza Nafavola 320 is recommended for leavening times of 26-72 hours.

What makes our Nafavola 320 flour for Neapolitan pizza unique?

  • An exclusive recipe, developed in collaboration with a team of professional technicians
  • A formulation with superior organoleptic characteristics
  • A knowledge of the raw material derived from almost 150 years of experience in the field
  • Because it guarantees meltability, developed alveolation, easy workability and fragrance
  • Experienced consultants and technicians ready to support you at all times
  • Because it is a tested product suitable for pizza delivery

Do you want to know more about our Special line for pizzerias or about our exclusive Nafavola 320 flour for Neapolitan pizza? Contact us!


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