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What is the company mission? According to the dictionary “it is the ultimate purpose of a company and the very justification of its existence.  It’s at the same time what distinguishes it from all the others” : to state ours we must take a step back, telling you something more about us.

The best results are always obtained when we are passionate about the work that is taking place: for us too this statement is reality! The passion for our history, the search for innovative solutions and the desire to overcome the challenges that the market and the period impose on us, is our strength and have led us to be one of the leading realities of the Italian flour industry.

These values ​​have allowed us to get to where we are now, however a few years ago we told ourselves that this was not enough to get us into the future; we will be called upon to face a market, affected by variables of such magnitude and intensity which are not to be found in economic history, one above all: climate change and the rising of new sensitivities towards diversity.

For this reason we have embarked on a new path, with an approach that is based on values ​​such as guaranteed origin, environmental ethics and health, linking two very distant and different realities, agricultural realities and an increasingly demanding and attentive consumer.

Environmental resources are not infinite and we feel the need to take care of them and transmit this value to the next generations, the goal we have set ourselves is to reorient the food chain, in order to regenerate nature.


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