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What is a company mission? According to the dictionary, it is the “ultimate purpose of a company, the very justification of its existence and at the same time what stands it aside from all the others”: to tell you about our own mission, we have to take a step back and tell you something more about our company.


The best results are always obtained by work done with passion: and for us this is our reality! The passion for our history, searching for innovative solutions and the will to overcome the challenges offered by the market and the time we live in: these are our strengths, and have led us to become a significant reality in the Italian flour industry.


Our secret however is certainly our Research and Development centre: the innovative solutions studied here help us to understand all the needs of our customers, who can ask for technical advice on products and processes and offer us the opportunity to provide the best solution to each of the challenges they set for us. Moreover we experiment continuously, searching for exclusive new solutions for products and semi-processed mixes, and this helps us to maintain high quality and competitive prices: it is by knowing the market in-depth that we have been able to maintain our hallmark success since 1875!

So this is our mission: to create products and production processes which, combined with our unparalleled knowledge of the market, help us to achieve increasingly high quality standards for our consumers!


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