The new range of professional flours for different
types of pizza: Neapolitan-style , Emilian-style,
Roman-style and for pre- doughs.

The new line dedicated to pizza professionals

The new range of flours for pizzerias by Molini Pivetti is born: Linea Special!

The Special Line is the result of research and development work carried out entirely by a qualified team capable of understanding the most advanced milling techniques and the specific needs of pizza makers. Horeca professionals are increasingly looking for excellence in the creation of differentiating products, in terms of territoriality and working process. Molini Pivetti has worked on these needs to create five new flours, ideal for: Neapolitan pizza, pizza alla pala and in teglia, Emilian pizza and for pre-bakes.

Why choose Molini Pivetti flours?

  • Because they are born from a deep knowledge of the working techniques used in pizzerias
  • Because we have worked on the particular characteristics that the final product must guarantee: meltability and elasticity, absorption, crispness and fragrance
  • Because they guarantee easy workability
  • Because in addition to the organoleptic characteristics, Molini Pivetti guarantees the pizza chef technical support and coaching


The ideal professional flour for making Neapolitan pizza from direct dough and for leavening times of 10-26 hours.



The professional flour tailored to create a Neapolitan pizza with a thick crust and 26-72 leavening time.



La farina professionale per pizza tipica emiliana, tirata e leggera, perfetta per gli impasti lievitati 3-24 ore.



The professional flour for typical Emilian pizza, pulled and light, perfect for dough with  3-24 of leavening time.



The professional flour specifically designed for pre-rising, mother yeast refreshment and biga and poolish doughs.

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