Incanto, the flour for
pre-kneading and
refreshing sourdough.


Flour essential for sublime preparations.

In pizzeria cooking, one of the most crucial stages occurs at the beginning, when the ingredients to be used are selected and prepared.

It is at this moment that the success of recipes, even those of the best professionals, is determined.

This is precisely why pizza makers choose our Farina Incanto.

A type 0 flour specifically for biga or poolish type pre-kneading and for refreshing sourdough.

Enriched with wheat germ, our Farina Incanto has a strength of 300w and brings enchanting fragrances and aromas to all your preparations.

Our Incanto Flour for pre-dough allows you to maintain the right fermentation time, from 18 to 48 hours.

What makes our Incanto pre-meal flour unique?

  • An exclusive recipe, developed in collaboration with a team of professional technicians
  •  A formulation with superior organoleptic characteristics, enriched with wheat germ
  •  The versatility of a flour suitable for pre-kneading biga or poolish type dough, refreshing sourdough and for pizza preparation
  •  A knowledge of the raw material derived from almost 150 years of experience in the field
  •  Because it guarantees easy workability and fragrance
  •  Expert consultants and technicians ready to support you at all times

Want to know more about our 00 flours for pizza or our exclusive Incanto flour for typical Emilian pizza? Contact us!


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