Our vision towards an increasingly sustainable future, towards a circular economy... This is how our biogas plant project was born.

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The investment of the biogas plant was a significant step towards a sustainable and circular economy vision, located a few kilometers from the mill in the province of Bologna, with the desire to produce energy starting from the by-products of our company, especially from bran, economically and with respect for the environment.


The biogas plant uses the anaerobic digestion process to convert organic matter into methane gas, which can be used to generate electricity.

By using vegetable by-products, only authorized by the competent body and coming from the various Holding companies, such as those deriving from the milling of Molini Pivetti, from agricultural processes and fruit processing from the Macè company, we are contributing to the reduction of waste and the exploitation of resources.


This approach is ecologically beneficial because it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere during the decomposition of organic by-products.

Furthermore, the use of the biogas plant creates a circular production cycle within our milling company. In fact, our by-products become the raw material to generate energy, which in turn can be used to fuel the company’s activities. This process contributes to the reduction of the overall environmental impact and reduces the dependence on traditional energy sources.

By continuing on this path, we will contribute to reducing our environmental impact, improving energy efficiency and promoting sustainable development within our industrial and local sector.


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