Short supply chain flours, 100% Emilian: an uncompromising quality choice

An uncompromising quality choice, with 100% Emilian flour certified by the international body CSQA. The Molini Pivetti Gran Riserva range comes from the desire to offer only wheats grown and harvested in the provinces of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara, to guarantee safety and controls.

The proof of this can be found on the back: the Nutrition Passport describes the unique characteristics of Pivetti flours in an original and effective manner.

  • Ingredients grown by the best farmers who sign up to the strict Campi Protetti Pivetti production specification.
  • Selected crop fields, far from sources of pollution.
  • Obtained from the milling of 100% Emilian wheats, only from the provinces of Modena, Bologna and Ferrara.
  • Wheat stored in special silos, stored using natural methods.
  • Certified by the international body CSQA, to guarantee traceability.
campi protetti


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