PROFESSIONAL_PIZZA Molini pivetti flours for professionals
and industries: for bakery, pizza, fresh pasta and pastry.

Producing flour for professionals since 1875

In more than 150 years of activity, our experience spans a variety of sectors, from bakery to fresh pasta, including pizzerias and pastry shops.

Over these decades, we have discovered the peculiarities, distinctive characteristics and specific needs that professionals – from every sector – encounter every day.

Precisely for this reason, based on this extensive experience, we have perfected our recipes to offer increasingly high-quality, high-performance flours that meet your every need.

Why do more and more professionals choose our flours?

  • Because they are composed of grain blends with unique characteristics, different for each sector: from bread-making to the production of fresh pasta, pastry, pizza and much more
  • Because they are perfect for creating both sweet and savoury products, including fresh and dry pasta, and gluten free
  • Because they are designed to meet your every specific need
  • Because they are the fruit of over 150 years of experience in the field
  • Because they are born from collaborations with great professionals
  • Because they present exclusive recipes, also protein-based, easily workable and with excellent elasticity
  • Because they lend themselves to longer or shorter leavening times and different types of preparation

We produce environmentally friendly professional flours

  • Some of our flours are made using sustainable and traceable production methods in a 100% Italian, organised and guaranteed supply chain
  • We produce exclusive lines such as Molini Pivetti’s Gran Riserva line, composed of flours from a 100% Emilian short supply chain
  • We collaborate directly with an important network of different Emilian farms
  • We have always been attentive to the issue of sustainability and this allows us to ensure continuity of supply
  • We invest in innovation: from the digitisation of fields to the guaranteed supply chain and the continuous renewal of production facilities
  • We are committed every year to reducing our CO2 emissions








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