gran riserva Molini pivetti flours: for domestic use, certified,
organicand from guaranteed supply chain

The right flour for your family… to bring only the best to the table!

At Molini Pivetti, now in its fifth generation, we know well the value of family.

This is why we have created a series of flours for domestic use specifically designed to allow you to create unique recipes, thanks to carefully selected ingredients processed with care and passion.

Our flours for home use are flours produced from selected grains, some of them sustainably produced, with only the best Italian grains, from a short supply chain, exquisitely Emilian.

Also available in an organic version or with husked grains, our flours for domestic use are multi-purpose: perfect to offer friends and relatives traditional and gourmet delights, from pizza to pasta, up to the most innovative ideas.

Why do countless families choose our flours?

  • Because they present unique recipes that are easy to work with
  • Because they are produced using advanced and delicate processes that preserve the valuable parts of the grain
  • Because the range also includes sustainable and organic flours
  • Because they are made with sustainable and traceable production methods in a 100% Italian, organised and guaranteed supply chain
  • Because they feature exclusive lines such as Molini Pivetti’s Gran Riserva line, composed of flours from a 100% Emilian short supply chain
  • Because they are perfect for a thousand uses: from the most traditional recipes to pizza, to the most gourmet experiments

We take care of your family, now and in the future, with flours that are good for you and good for the planet


For over 150 years we have been selecting the best grains to produce unique flours


We monitor CO2 production and are committed to reducing emissions


We store the grains in refrigerated silos with low environmental impact systems


We collaborate with a network of over 20 Emilian farms


We pay attention to sustainability and only choose sustainable partners


We monitor our water consumption and are committed to fighting droughts


We invest in innovation and digitisation of the fields


We collaborate with a network of more than 20 Emilian farms



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