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Molini Pivetti solidale

Molini Pivetti donates over 1000 kg of flour to the poorest households and the elderly of its community.

At this time of extraordinary complexity and huge sacrifices affecting the whole population, we are seeing many actions of solidarity to support the community. Eager to play its part, Molini Pivetti has decided to mobilise to tackle the Covid-19 emergency with various projects of solidarity for its local area. Our thanks to the volunteers of the various community associations which have enabled us to bring real help to so many people.

Over 1000 kg of flour donated to those most in need

Molini Pivetti plays its part to offer real support to its local area. Its initiatives have targeted the most vulnerable people, families in need and the elderly, who are facing the greatest difficulties at the present time. A large number of initiatives involving a total donation of over 1000 kg of flour.

The company donated 140 one kilo bags of fresh pasta flour from the Every Day Line to the Cento Civil Protection agency. The bags were then distributed to elderly residents and families in need in the local area.
But its generosity did not stop here. The company had already given 880 kg of flour, in partnership with Smurfit Kappa, to the Red Cross of Finale Emilia (Modena), for inclusion in food parcels for local households in difficulty. Last but not least, on Easter Day, together with Ristorante Pizzeria La Pergola, Renazzo, Molini Pivetti donated 45 pizzas to the hospital staff of five wards at the SS. Annunziata Hospital at Cento. A small gesture to thank all those working on the front line against the Coronavirus every day.

The Il Mantello Food Bank at Ferrara, which runs a variety of activities to support impoverished families, received a donation of 440 kg of fresh pasta flour. The 1 kg bags will be distributed to families in need, whose numbers are unfortunately on the rise at present.

Another recipient was the Caritas charity of Cento, beneficiary of 1 pallet of 5 kg bags of type 0 flour. The volunteers distributed the goods to the San Pietro and San Biagio parishes, which will donate it to the families concerned.

Message from company CEO Gianluca Pivetti: “A small gesture which I hope will help people to feel that somebody cares”

Gianluca Pivetti, CEO of Molini Pivetti, explains the underlying meaning of these initiatives as follows: “Flour has always been a staple in difficult times, and this was reflected as people rushed to stock up. During the current lockdown, there are more vulnerable people and households who demand our attention. So we have decided to join forces with the wonderful Civil Protection and Red Cross volunteers to make a real difference by donating our flour to the most needy, most vulnerable people. We feel it is important to actively demonstrate our commitment to our community, in line with our daily dedication to our business, which has always been responsive to the needs and demands of our local area. Flour is the key to making a variety of essential foodstuffs, from bread to pasta, and we hope that this small action will help people to feel that somebody cares. If we remain united in spite of social distancing, we will win through.”