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Federico Perrone tecnico Pivetti

The quality of the Molini Pivetti “Gran Riserva” line and the masterly touch of pizza chef Federico Perrone on stage in Milan for the third edition of “La Città della pizza”.
At 17:15 hrs on Saturday 26 and 17:30 hrs on Sunday 27, pizza chef and Molini Pivetti expert adviser Federico Perrone will be letting enthusiasts and professionals in on the secrets of making the perfect thick-crust ‘in pala’ pizza: crisp, light and tasty.

This will be the Milan debut of historic Ferrara business Molini Pivetti, which will be taking part with its own stand, on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 October, in “La Città della Pizza”, a free-entry event dedicated to one of the symbols of Italy’s food tradition.

In the 6000 metre Fabbrica Orobia, the queen of Italian identity will be starring in the hands of some of Italy’s top ‘pizzaioli’ for the enjoyment of professionals and enthusiasts, enabling open-ended dialogue on methods, leavening methods and agro-food quality.

The Molini Pivetti workshops

For this event, Molini Pivetti has two aces up its sleeve: the “Gran Riserva” line flours made from wheat 100% locally sourced from Italy’s Emilia region, with controlled, certified origin, and pizza chef Federico Perrone, expert adviser to the Ferrara-based company, who will reveal the secrets of making the perfect thick-crust, high moisture ‘in pala’ pizza during two technical workshops. The first, open to pizza lovers in general, will be held at 17:15 hrs on Saturday 26 October (booking required), and the second, for industry professionals and the press, at 17:30 hrs on Sunday 27 October.

Thick-crust ‘in pala’ pizza: a universally popular trend

Created by one of the capital’s oldest bakeries during the 1930s, the thick-crust ‘in pala’ pizza has recently expanded from a Roman pizzeria standard to nationwide popularity. Light, fragrant and with a high-moisture, easily digested dough, it is the perfect base for the tastiest, most imaginative toppings.

It requires long, slow leavening – for up to two days – so the flour used has to be of the highest quality, even for home-made doughs, and even more so for professional production.

At the Saturday workshop open to the public, pizza chef Federico Perrone will be using an Emiliano il Manitoba italiano (750 g) flour from the Gran Riserva line, made from raw material grown only in the Emilia region, well away from sources of pollution, stored in specific silos and conserved with natural methods.

At the Sunday workshop for professionals, with the press in attendance, he will be putting to the test the performance of Gran Riserva Arancione, a flour (W 290 – 320) suitable for high moisture doughs with lengthy leavening, of the kind required by ‘pizza in pala’.