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Molini Pi

Molini Pivetti flours star at Città della Pizza in Rome with 2 themed workshops for professionals and enthusiasts: on 13 April with type 1 flours on “Traditional mother yeast pizza” with chef Matteo Aloe and on 14 April with Gran Riserva, the Campi Protetti Pivetti flours grown 100% in the Emilia region, in a workshop entitled “When flour becomes art” with chef Fabio Albanesi.

Molini Pivetti takes part in the third edition of the Roman event dedicated to Pizza and its stars. From 12 to 14 April, the new location “Ragusa Off” at via Tuscolana 179 will host Città della Pizza, the free-entry event that promotes and raises awareness of pizza and its importance as a cultural experience and a symbol of identity and tradition, and enables interchange and dialogue between experts and enthusiasts.

Given that the event discusses major topics such as techniques and leavening, raw materials and the sourcing of ingredients chosen from agro-food products of excellence from all over Italy, Molini Pivetti just had to be there, with its own exhibition area and participating in two specific themed workshops together with two great chefs.

The first workshop, on Traditional mother-yeast pizza, will be held at 14:15 hrs on Saturday 13 April with chef Matteo Aloe of Berberè. Advice and techniques for long-leavening doughs made from Pivetti type 1 flours and mother yeast will be shared. A workshop focusing on the methods for standardising a traditional process by controlling the variables of natural fermentation.

The second workshop, entitled When flour becomes art, will be held at 19:30 hrs on Sunday 14 April with chef Fabio Albanesi. A workshop dedicated to the creation of artistic bakery products using Molini Pivetti flours from the Gran Riserva line: the flours made using locally sourced wheat 100% from Italy’s Emilia region from a controlled, certified production chain, established by the Ferrara-based company under the ambitious Campi Protetti Pivetti project.