Over 350 hectares of land.

This is the size of the land that we dedicate to the production of our cereal crops, the majority of which are cultivated with soft wheat, in addition to maize and sorghum, soya, rapeseed, sunflower and rocket.

In particular, two crops are cultivated in our fields:

• Conventional cultivation techniques for the main wheat crops

• Cultivation techniques that guarantee organic products

Adjacent to the fields, there are areas dedicated to flower strips. Areas to which we are particularly attached because – we in the Pivetti family – are convinced that land in which biodiversity is promoted gives rise to more sustainable crops.

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Experience. Passion. Transparency.

These are the values shared by the farmers and agronomists who work in the fields where our cereal crops are grown.

Qualified and nationally recognised professionals – such as the company agronomist Alessandro Zucchi – with whom we weave a direct relationship every day to ensure maximum crop yields and high product quality.

Their expertise and dedication are an added value for the entire production chain, from sowing to harvesting.


Experimentation and sustainability, these are the principles that define our production and the partnerships we pursue every day.

Such as the partnership with xFarm Technologies, which provides for the digitisation of the agri-food chain in order to make even more advanced

• The traceability of our crops

• The sustainability of our products

• The efficiency of our production

A collaboration that allows us to better identify the environmental impact of our crops and optimise them, supporting our farmers to monitor and prevent on their fields and thus guaranteeing a crop that is good for man and good for the planet.


We in the Pivetti family believe in the local territory.

That is why we have chosen land in Emilia, located in the provinces of Bologna and Ferrara, to grow our cereals.

And, right here, we have set up important supply chain projects capable of further enhancing our land, some in collaboration with major industries recognised worldwide and our company supply chain ‘Campi Protetti Pivetti’, certified by the international body CSQA to guarantee a controlled supply chain and the total wholesomeness of the grains used to produce our products.

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Want to know more about our ‘Campi Protetti Pivetti’ supply chain, click here – Campi Protetti Pivetti –  Molini Pivetti.

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