stand Molini Pivetti fiere

Molini Pivetti attends exhibitions and events both in Italy and abroad. Some of these dates have been postponed due to Covid-19.
The following is the list of events where we will be present with our own stand to present our products, our latest innovations and the new projects in the pipeline.

Federico Perrone tecnico Pivetti

The quality of the Molini Pivetti “Gran Riserva” line and the masterly touch of pizza chef Federico Perrone on stage in Milan for the third edition of “La Città della pizza”.
At 17:15 hrs on Saturday 26 and 17:30 hrs on Sunday 27, pizza chef and Molini Pivetti expert adviser Federico Perrone will be letting enthusiasts and professionals in on the secrets of making the perfect thick-crust ‘in pala’ pizza: crisp, light and tasty.

Molini Pivetti Pasta Fresca

Molini Pivetti will be present at Tutto Food, the Milan B2B food & beverage event, to promote its new products for large-scale distribution and its sustainability project. With a stand of over a hundred square metres, it will present its line of professional products and new entries for large-scale distribution, alongside the masterly skills of egg pasta maker Rina Poletti, who will produce hand-made egg pasta every day.

Molini Pi

Molini Pivetti flours star at Città della Pizza in Rome with 2 themed workshops for professionals and enthusiasts: on 13 April with type 1 flours on “Traditional mother yeast pizza” with chef Matteo Aloe and on 14 April with Gran Riserva, the Campi Protetti Pivetti flours grown 100% in the Emilia region, in a workshop entitled “When flour becomes art” with chef Fabio Albanesi.