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The first brand certified by the international body (CSQA), guaranteeing a controlled supply chain and the full health of the wheat used for the production of Pivetti product range, from the field to milling.

CSQA Certification - Rintracciabilità certificata

Agreements with farmers

Only selected wheat varieties (no GMOs)

After 9’s harvest time!

Silos storage

The wheat is milled to become flour

Our best means your best!



Campi Protetti Pivetti is the first brand (certified by the international body CSQA) to manage a controlled supply chain and the full health of the 100% Italian wheat used for the production of our range of flours for pizza, from the field to milling.


Italian cuisine is recognised worldwide as an excellence, and we are convinced that it must be able to guarantee the respect of its origins and traditions in every ingredient.
In contrast to the past, today Italy produces only a part of the soft wheat it needs for domestic consumption, and has to import the rest. With Campi Protetti Pivetti flours, professionals who wish to remain true to the tradition and authenticity of their products finally have the certainty of being able to count on an ingredient that comes exclusively from the milling of the best Italian wheats, with selected quality and certified origin.


Our raw materials are grown only in selected fields in the area of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara, renowned as an area where the best soft wheats are produced.
Since 1875 we have been growing and harvesting the best qualities in our fields, blending and milling them to create a range of flours for authentic Italian pizzas.


Only the best farmers

Pivetti’s technicians assess the suitability of every farmer to grow Campi Protetti Pivetti wheat in compliance with the production specification, exclusively in the provinces of Ferrara, Bologna and Modena. This is the Italian area most suited for the cultivation of high quality wheat.
The farmer acknowledges the Campi Protetti Pivetti specification and signs up to it, receiving a premium compared to conventional crops.

Only selected varieties

The farmer sows the varieties included in the positive list of the Campi Protetti Pivetti specification, respecting the established crop practices.

Only qualified fields

The farmer enriches the soil in line with the instructions given by qualified technicians, in compliance with the Campi Protetti Pivetti production specification.
The farmer records all the fertilisation operations in the “Quaderno di Campagna” file.

Only controlled treatments

The farmer treats the crops only when effectively necessary.
He uses only the products included in the positive list of the specification.
Each operation is recorded in the Quaderno di Campagna.

Only conforming wheat

Pivetti agronomists visit the farms and assess the suitability of the crops and the effective compliance with the Campi Protetti Pivetti specification.
Every non conformity in this point of the chain leads to the downgrading of the wheat from Campi Protetti Pivetti to conventional.

Only quality raw materials

Pivetti stores the wheat in its own storage facilities equipped with cold technology.
It analyses the incoming wheat and guarantees its health, quality and origin.

Only purity for your flour

Pivetti mills the Campi Protetti wheat in purity.
The goodness born in the field can be found in every bag.

campi protetti


Environmental sustainability

For the aware and efficient use of environmental resources and for the application of the Campi Protetti Pivetti specification, in line with the principles of Integrated Pest Management.

Social sustainability

To enhance human resources and contribute to business growth with the introduction of the principles of sustainability in the farms themselves.

Economic sustainability

To maintain healthy development over time, acknowledging the farmer who are committed to the Campi Protetti Pivetti project.


Developing a new qualitatively distinctive factor through sustainability, for professionals and consumers.


Activate a commitment to education and culture, for sustainable and traceable production in an organised and guaranteed supply chain.


Pursue a path of continuous improvement in compliance with our sustainability projects, with common values and duties.


campi protetti


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