Working the land means creating, with one’s own hands, something unique. It is the land, our land that we have always worked, that distinguishes us; it is the properties of this land that give our products their unmistakable characteristics.

As farmers, we know that knowing the land is indispensable for working it at its best. That is why our knowledge comes from constant practice. That is why the ingredient behind each of our products is experience, enriched by the values of tradition, family and passion.

Founding values that, in the 1970s, led us to create our own Società Agricola Pivetti, a parallel activity to milling, which today sees the entire family involved. In over 50 years of history, we have sown, cultivated and harvested fruits born from our love for the land, from the bond that unites us to our origins and from the ancient knowledge that we hand down from generation to generation.

With an eye always turned towards tomorrow, we take care of our land – over 400 hectares – adopting advanced cultivation techniques and the best technologies in the fruit and vegetable sector, in order to continue growing every day.

A family history that opens the doors of its land...

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More than 350 hectares of land, this is the size of the land we dedicate to the production of our cereal crops, the majority of which are cultivated with soft wheat, in addition to maize and sorghum, soya, rapeseed, sunflower and rocket.


Abate Fetel pear, the queen of pears, is the one we grow every day, with its rusty green-yellow colour and unmistakable flavour, destined for the production of juices and purees made by Macè Fruit, the other soul of the Pivetti Holding Group.


In a valley floor with rather cold temperatures, in the wonderful lands of Chianti, our vineyard is born, realised with the most avant-garde production technologies.

Società Agricola Alberto Pivetti Società Semplice
Via Renazzo 67 – 44045 Renazzo (FE) – P.iva: 02078910383


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