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On Thursday 21 May Molini Pivetti donated about 25 tonnes of flour in 1 Kg packs to the Tempo della Gentilezza [“Time for Kindness”] project. The holding company responded with speed and enthusiasm when invited by the Italian Red Cross to take part in the distribution of basic foodstuffs to the sectors of the population hardest hit by the Covid-19 emergency.

This was no surprise, since last month the Pivetti family, amongst Italy’s biggest flour producers, had already contributed to local community initiatives by donating over 2 tonnes of flour to the Cento and Finale Emilia community.

Thanks to the work of the IRC, engaged all over Italy on reinforcing services to support the people with the greatest social and health vulnerabilities and working to transform this difficult time into a “Time for Kindness”, the flour donated will be distributed nationwide, reaching the homes of those most in need of flour, one of the most basic of foodstuffs.

The 25 tonnes of type 0 and 00 flour donated has been distributed to all Italy’s Regional Red Cross Committees, to respond to the about 20 thousand requests for aid about 1800 in Emilia-Romagna – already received from the community. The products in question, made from choice quality carefully selected wheat, are ideal for recipes of all kinds, from fresh pasta to bread, biscuits and pizza.

During recent weeks, we have tried to do our bit within our region,” Company CEO Gianluca Pivetti recalls, “and with this further contribution we aim to help deliver support nationwide, and to increase the extent and effectiveness of our role in this complex situation”.

We would like to thank Molini Pivetti for its fast, extremely generous response to our invitation,” Flavio Ronzi, Secretary General of the Italian Red Cross, underlines. “Thanks to this donation, we are able to provide high-quality food parcels to thousands of households currently suffering from not only the health emergency but also the economic hardship it is causing. Aid of crucial importance in these difficult times.”